Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making Friends....

Hey everyone!  Me and the kids are getting used to our new accommodations... we're occasionally even willing to graze together outside.  Me, I've thought about both biting and kicking them a few times, but I have practiced restraint and have limited myself to chasing a little bit, mostly just Puck.   If he didn't run past me all the time I probably wouldn't.  Really, the blame lays with him.

Puck is sort of the emissary for the goats.  He was the first one to try to make friends with me, and the one who is trying to make friends with IT. Even the "IT" has come out and grazed along the fence line with us. IT hasn't tried to bite me at all since I arrived here, I suppose I could start referring to him with his proper name, Frank.

I must say, I HAVE enjoyed all the grooming I've received at my new home.  Frizzy haired lady (who I thought to call "My Sponsor" until she pointed out it may sound like we're both in AA - and really, only one of us should be) is really good at giving scrubbies.   More than once I've nearly fallen over while having a nice proper neck scritch. Oh, and the other day when it was REALLY hot and humid she came into the barn eating something called "ice cream".  It was strawberry flavored, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!

She also likes kisses about as much as I do.  So I know that they're ALWAYS welcome... even when she's sitting in the grass trying to take pictures!

I'm not the ONLY one who has realized that, either, Flick has, too (cue "Jaws" theme)

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten Cedric.   He just doesn't like to have his picture taken much, Cedric is a little shy, and the most afraid of me out of all the goats (smart kid!).  He does love to eat though, always hungry, that one (he did not like strawberry ice cream though).  He's also the most playful.  He and Flick really like to go at it.

Me?  I'm not really into butting heads (just noses!), but I do like to chase Frizzy haired lady if she's outside with us and on the wrong side of our little paddock!

And before I forget, I would really like to thank my handsome cousin Nigel Fotherhingham of Isobelle GoLightly's farm for the new leather halter!  Pony snoodles Nigel!

That's all for today!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Out and About

Frizzy haired lady has been very busy working, which has resulted in MY not being able to use the computer.  I'll try to be more diligent when it comes to posting, as I know you're all waiting with baited breath to hear about ME.

Although the fence isn't 100% complete yet it's far enough along that we get to be turned out, which I greatly appreciate because, as Frizzy Haired Lady (hmm... I should come up with a new name for her) has said, I am a hungry little bugger!  It's true, I do live to eat.  And for kisses.  I love kisses.

Today, for the first time, Frizzy Haired Lady let me and the goats out at the same time!  We were supervised by her, she said that she's worried since the goats are so teeny that I might hurt them.  Pfft. If I wanted to hurt them I already would have. That Flick keeps sneaking under my stall guard to eat my hay!  We kept ourselves out of each others way for the most part, but Puck came near to check me out a few times.  Puck is an odd one, he keeps rearing up and threatening to head-butt me. Not sure how I feel about that.


Cedric, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with me.  Frizzy haired lady says he's just shy, but all I know is that if I take one step in his direction he takes off.  But even so, he was quite happy to be out with all of us.  He really likes blackberry bush leaves.  Bush honeysuckle, too!


Flick was banded yesterday (whatever that means) and isn't feeling too well, so he mostly just kept to himself.  He's been walking REALLY funny with his back legs all spread out.  Frizzy haired lady has been giving him extra cuddles and kisses and even some lap time.  Wish I could get in her lap.  I thought about it the other day, but Frizzy haired lady said that was not acceptable (and I heard her mutter something under her breath to the tune of "but if my ass keeps spreading at it's current rate you'd probably fit in my lap, Neville").

I'll do my best to get on the computer soon for another update. I wonder if Frizzy Haired Lady would hook up her laptop in the barn.  Now THAT would be handy!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the road again....

Well, on the road for the very first time, really! 

Frizzy haired lady came for another visit - but this time I went home with her! 

She had everything all set.  Borrowed truck, borrowed trailer... but on the day she was to come pick me up it turned out the trailer had some issues.  BUT... since I'm so little....

It's true!  I got to ride in the truck!  I was kind of frightened at first and kept trying to turn around and find a way out, but after a little while I settled down and behaved. The cap on the truck was really high, so even though I did a couple of little baby rears I didn't bump my head or anything - and once they opened up the windows and let me hang my head in with them everything was better! 

Frizzy haired lady put some rubber mats down and had some bags of shavings around the sides to sort of act like bumpers.  I had lots of hay to eat, too. 

Oh, and I LIKE air conditioning!

We've been really busy here and I haven't had much time to write, but I will try to rectify that soon!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chick Mystery solved! The answer is.....

Frizzy haired lady went to check on the chicks again.  Five sets of clear, alert eyes were looking at her from their overly crowded nest.  They looked a LOT more mature than they did just a few days ago.  She turned around to get her camera and whoosh, off they flew!

So, unfortunately there will be no chick pics, but Frizzy haired lady has identified the species as the Eastern Phoebe.  This means that next spring she's most likely have more chicks in that little corner of the barn, since they tend to return to the same nest.

Mystery Solved.

Good luck little chicks... erm, little fledglings!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chicks, one week later....

Seven days after Frizzy haired lady found the chicks she went and had another peek.  They're growing quickly and looking much better than last time.  Frizzy haired lady has yet to see a parent bird enter that section of the barn and assumes they're going in and out through the back where she can't see them from her house.  And so, she's still uncertain of what type of birds they are.  It doesn't help much that Frizzy haired lady is a bit OCD about her bird feeders spread out around her property and several dozen varieties visit her property daily.

Any guesses?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Frizzy haired lady called my lady today.  She's been having a difficult time trying to arrange transport for ME!  It's true, I'm going to live with those little goats!!! ( I still think she should have bought another little horse like me.... preferably a cute little redhead like Sweet Sarah over at Isobelle GoLightly's home....)   I guess that means that frizzy haired lady is now MY new lady.

I'm going to miss all my friends and family here. 

This is my mom, isn't she beautiful?  Believe it or not I was in her BELLY when this was taken.

And my dad

And my owner lady who's house I live at now.  She's really nice and only wants what is best for me.  Frizzy haired lady really likes her, too.

Frizzy haired lady is really anxious to get me to her home and hopes to have me there within a week.  I suppose that is understandable, I mean, look at me!  Who couldn't help but ADORE me?

Moving away from home is going to be scary, I think. But it will be an adventure!